EDU is an Institution of Higher Education

Founded in 2018, EDU is an Institution of Higher Education licensed under the Maltese Education Act with license number 2018-10 by the National Commission of Higher and Further Education (NCFHE).

EDU is a private institution with a vision to substantially increase the quality and accessibility of education. EDU is operated by Digital Education Holdings Limited (DEH).

Responsible for content and design of this website:

Digital Education Holdings Limited

Villa Bighi

Chaplain`s House

Kalkara KKR 1320

Republic of Malta

Legally represented by Jürgen Laartz, Kalkara

Phone: +356 222 631 20


Digital Education Holdings Limited (DEH) is registered in the Republic of Malta by the Registrar for Companies as a Limited Liability Company under the Companies Act (1995) on August 10, 2017 with Registration Number C 82123. DEH’s Tax Registration Number is 998643308.